Session Details

Here, you will find information about what to look forward to in each session, how to prepare, and what to consider bringing. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask. I love to hear from you.

Newborn Sessions:

Oh, that precious, unique, and ever-so-quickly-changing time during the first couple of weeks after the arrival of your beautiful baby... those days will always be held dearly in your heart. Your infant's first photographs will surely help remind you of just how tiny and priceless those days were.

Please try to contact me about your newborn session before the birth of your child. I have found that photographing an infant around the end of their second week is ideal. I'm looking for that sleepy, cuddly, curly, lazy style that only a newborn possesses.

I ask that newborn scheduling be booked as a Full or Mega Session. Please allot for 30-40 minutes longer than the 60 or 90 minutes you select. I like to allow extra time for feeding, soothing, diaper changes, and keeping things at a slow comfortable pace.

Things to consider in preparing for Newborn Sessions:

  • Chose the area of your home that has the best natural light.
  • Have your favorite soothing baby music playing.
  • Raise the temperature of your home just a few degrees.
  • Have a heating pad on low ready to sip under the set to keep your little one at peace.
  • Ready a few of your favorite outfits with the least patterns or bright colors. Darks and pastels transfer best for classic baby settings.
  • Also have on hand any baby caps, booties, stuffed animals, blankets and props you would like to use.
  • Using something special or symbolic of yours can also be very sweet. (i.e. a stack of Daddy's books or Bible, his work hat, or his Father's heirloom cufflings... Mommy's childhood doll, favorite handbag, or heirloom jewelry)
  • Please prepare something to keep other children occupied for this time to ensure a calm and quiet environment. Newborn sessions begin with the sole focus being on the infant. I will try to capture images with parents and siblings once the newborn photos are established and the newborn is still in good spirits.

Family Sessions:

Think of this as a family outing. This session will be natural, easy-going, and fun. I will be photographing the true beauty of each persons' individuality and your relationships with one another. I will photograph each person individually as well as together in both traditional portraiture and candid photojournalistic styles.

This session will take place in a park, your home, or other scenic outdoor location where you and your family can sprawl out, explore, read, play, picnic, and just enjoy your time together.

Things to consider in preparing for Family Sessions:

  • You are welcome to layer and/or even bring changes of clothing. Because we are outdoors it is best for older children and adults to wear discrete underclothes such as tank-tops and shorts to wear while changing outfits.
  • Keep clothes and accessories simple. Pair jeans or khakis with solid tops, especially with large groups. Avoid prints, logos and characters UNLESS you would like to have individual photos taken of your child wearing their favorite character or sport, or your daughter in her most beautiful printed dress, matching hat and purse...
  • Other fun clothing sorts: rain boots, hats, scarves, striped leggings...
  • Share with your family that you are having a fun family outing that will be photographed. If you'd like, bring along a picnic with a favorite quilt or yard blanket. Bring a couple of special books to read under a tree. Have some bubbles, balls, and Mom or Dad's favorite outdoor thing to share with your kids...

My heart is to photograph you in
the most casual, unposed, easy-going way. I will also take a handful of more traditional photos.

Maternity Sessions:

There's no
thing more radiant than a glowing expectant Mama. It's an honor to document these priceless moments with the loving hands and smiles of you and yours wrapped around that precious bump before he or she makes their way into the great big world.

This session can be held both in and/or outdoors, privately and conveniently at your home or at a location that is special to you. I generally recommend that you schedule this session for about two to three months before your delivery date. You're welcome to invite your other children and your partner to join you for a time during this session.

Things to consider in preparing for Maternity Sessions:

  • Have changes of clothing ready to achieve different desired looks and moods for your portraits.
  • Dress participating family members in less distracting clothing such as solid colors and matching bottoms.
  • Prepare something to keep other children occupied elsewhere while they are not being photographed.

Senior Portrait Sessions:

More like Pers
onal Paparazzi Session! This is a time in your life when you are coming into your own. You will never again be at this very place. My job is to capture timeless photographs of this beautiful you. I will work with you ahead of time to learn all of your ideas and hopes, and together we will map out the perfect plans for your photo shoot. If you prefer the idea of having your session mapped out for you, it's my pleasure! This is glitz and glam from the word go (with of course a more traditional interlude for the parental units).

t's locate and showcase the gem that is you!

  • Dress up, dress down and everything in between. Limiting this session would be like handing you a few colors and pointing you toward our chosen canvas, and that's just not going to happen. I want this on your terms, YOUR way. It's the only way it works!
  • Do not stress. I will see to it that you are comfortable and safe to be you in front of the camera.
  • Your chosen time frame for this session can allow us to explore more options than any other individual's package provided. We can meet in your own home and backyard, as well as both a park or other natural outdoor setting. We can even hit downtown for a more urban feel. The sky is the limit!
  • If there is a place that you love, i.e. your Gramma's porch swing, the climbing tree in your backyard, the stables where you board your horse, the window seat in your Mom's kitchen, consider adding this special spot to your itinerary. Keep in mind that we may have to acquire permission for some locations ahead of time. A two hour minimum booking is required for multiple locations.

Wedding Packages:

Congratulations! I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to team your plans, ideas, hopes and dreams with my vision, energy, and experience to ensure that your photographs are a remarkable presentation filled with unique timeless memories of your special day.

Before we even get started I would love to meet with you in person, or via skype if you live away. Let's get to know each other a little first.  I want to learn a little bit about you as a couple, your plans for your wedding day, and your dreams for your wedding photography.

Once you've selected me as your photographer we will gently keep in touch as your wedding itinerary unfolds throughout your planning. I love to receive favorite photos or ideas you've run across online or in all those bride magazines you've been reading!

Hopefully, we will meet again before the wedding day, for your discounted engagement session. This is where we will get to know each other even better and establish our photography relationship/style. This always makes for smooth transitioning on the big day.

About a month before your wedding date we will meet face to face for a pre-wedding consultation. Once I have your final schedule and have pin-pointed your individual style I will draw up a plan to maximize my time and purpose on your special day.

I also like to be able to attend the front half of your rehearsal if I have not photographed at your ceremony location in the past. It's great to meet your family and friends before the big day as well as to get a feel for the space I will be working in.

Depending on the hours you have chosen, I will be available to you and your party from as early as breakfast to as late as they close the door on your honeymoon carriage. I will tastefully stalk you from the moment I arrive to the moment you kick me out. I am yours, and I love every minute of it!

Engagement photography discount is offered with each Wedding deposit.