Alexis' Senior Photos

My family has been blessed to be a part of this family for almost 15 years -
for more reasons and in more ways than I can count.
And not just these wonderful four, but those who come inside
their unique and close-knit package of incredibly special people. 
We love them dearly.

This beautiful young lady has grown up before my eyes. She has a heart of gold. 
She is sweet, loving, godly, and has such an amazing head on her shoulders.

Her adorable sister is like a half-daughter to me, 
and one of my son's life-long and best friends.
Her mother is the sweetest woman and friend I've ever had.
I won't even get started on how I admire and adore her Grandparents…
and if you know us, you already know how much her uncle Jeff means to us. 

This is one awesome family, and I praise God they have loved and included us as their own.
Sometimes, you get rich without ever touching your wallet.
These people have proven that to me over and over again.

I love you, S family. Always.

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