The K Kids

Understandably, people get a little worried when they see ominous cloud coverage or evening setting in as we gather for their outdoor photo sessions... but the truth is, I love it! My favorite condition to shoot in is under a cloudy or darkening sky.

You wouldn't know from these photos that it was nearly dark and just after a rain storm (well, you might be able to tell from that irresistible flash-filled-photo of all three cuties on hay bales) - but you'll surely notice that there are no sun spots, menacing shadows cast across smiles, or blown out backdrops. Go ahead, look again. ;)

These three are so much fun to photograph. We met in their own backyard this year, and they made my job easy in their cute new outfits, with their pup and props all ready to go. Like little models, these three. I can't get enough! :)

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