Marty & Amanda - Family Session

A perfect example of how awesome it is to be a freelance photographer. Amanda is the friend of another client of mine. She happens to be one of the sweetest people I've met to date, and not only is her family adorable and so fun to photograph, but they live on a red-barn farm with black and white cows, albino bunnies, a PONY!!! A photographer's dream spot for a family session. Amanda has also introduced me to and sold my work to her friends/family... the greatest form of flattery. 

This years family shoot turned out beautifully. The outfits were perfect, the husband was smilie, and even the cattle was ON for our time together. You would never know it was sprinkling rain off and on. This is only a small handful of their 150 or so final photographs. 

Thanks again, Amanda. Your family is SO sweet, and I especially love the photos of you and Marty! :) 

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