The Erics - Maternity Photographer Green Bay Wisconsin

How did I get such a great job?

Couples meet, fall in love, and decided to get married.
My phone rings with the offer of front row tickets to life's greatest events.

I meet the couple for their engagement photos.
Then I stalk them throughout their wedding day.
By then we are close, so the next call brings tears of joy.
We meet again to photograph the growing bump on the front of the woman.
Then it's VIP tickets for me when Mommy and Daddy meet their new Baby.

Seriously, God's plan is so beautiful.

Although, for some reason I photograph a lot of Eric/as and Krista/ens, this couple is especially fun, because their names are Eric and Erica. I call them "the erics"

Our first meeting was in Madison, for their engagement photos. Next up was their wedding day in Green Bay. And now... you guessed it - there's a bump! :)

These two are just as crazy fun, and even cuter than they were during their first big beginnings. Now. they are embarking on another beginning together, and this baby is bound to be unique, gorgeous, smart, and stylish just like her parents. I can't wait to meet her!

Congratulations Eric and Erica!!!

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