Kyle & Maria - Wedding Photographer Green Bay Wisconsin

I was flattered and honored that this groom's Mother and photographer, Lindsay Christensen, recommend me to her son and future daughter-in-law for their wedding photography. When I met Kyle and Maria, I was just as in awe of their Christ-centered, kind and welcoming personalities as I was of their obvious gorgeous faces. These two sweethearts made my work easy. 

With both sides having Christian homeschool backgrounds, their huge family wedding party showed up to be the most gorgeous people, both inside and out, a photographer could ever hope for. From the tear jerking ceremony at the grand Catholic Cathedral, to the enchanting country club reception, this wedding day was full of inspiration and beauty. 

While I am sad that this couple lives SO far away, I am happy to be joining them again for Maria's sister Katherine's August wedding in Green Bay, where yours truly will be gratefully photographing this lovely family once again. 

Congratulations Kyle and Maria! 
Thank you for letting me be a part of your incredible day.

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  1. We miss you Lora!! Thank you for your kind words and beautiful photographs! ~Maria