Bay Area Humane Society Pet Walk 2011

Who knew that animals could connect to a photographer and be exposed from the soul so similarly to humans? I certainly didn't. That was until this morning, anyway. 

I was honored when Kellen from the BAHS asked me if I would photograph their annual Pet Walk this year. I had no idea what an awesome event it would be!
The atmosphere was amazing. I've never seen so many animals in one place all at such ease. The peace was almost surreal. Not a fight or even a scuffle. 

I had such a great time meeting and photographing so many four-legged Humane Society Advocates there to enjoy the perfect weather and the opportunity to walk for a cause. 

If you are interested in participating in this awesome event next year, details will be posted at the BAHS website, here
I know my family and pooches will be there, for sure! 

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  1. Maybe it's because I have one of my own, but every time I see pictures of weenie dogs it makes me giggle a little. I was so glad to see the "pets" shots as I am such a dog lover...