Eric and Kristen's Wedding

I don't even know where to start. I haven't stopped dreaming about this amazing wedding since Pam and I reluctantly drove out of the long gravel driveway and away from Homestead Meadows, weeks ago. Not only am I desperately in love with this particular couple (and the bride's Mother, Barb) but their whole entire wedding was so beautifully thoughtful, out of the box, enticing, entertaining, detailed, and let me mention...scrumptious! 

From the laid back country feel of the location, the lawn games, amazing table settings, personalized gifts and photographs, and billions of deserts, to the tractor rides, bonfire, smores and tree climbing by the bride in her wedding dress... this wedding was altogether spectacular!
The presence of God was overwhelming!!!

And best of all, Eric, Kristen, and family will probably always be a part of our lives after the bonding we've done throughout this occasion. 

Engagements, weddings, friendships, and photography... 
it doesn't get much better than this for me. :)

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