Brett & Kristine's Wedding

Awwww! My first professional paid wedding! 
An enthusiastic beginning ammeter with my little Nikon D50. The photos are a bit of a mess, but that eye! What I wouldn't give to have some of that freshness back to work with.  

This is the day I fell in LOVE with wedding photography. There's nothing like being front and center, step by step, during one of the biggest days of two people's lives. 
This puts to shame the difference between movies and live theater. It's a real life fairy tale, usually with a little added drama for flare, and I absolutely can not get enough. 
The shared moments, the intimacy of conversation and prayers with otherwise complete strangers, the life long bonds and friendships that are sealed in those eight to twelve hours. There's nothing like it. 

Kristine and Brett's wedding was in the country. Their families and wedding party were wonderful and so much fun! I remember how disappointed I was when I left that night that I may never see these people again in my life. I felt so close to them all after a day like that. 
I learned later that one of the many beauties of being a photographer is the relationships I get to build with the awesome friends and family I meet and make, fit for a lifetime. :)

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